Ocna Șugatag

Several years ago, the tourism based on balneary conditons increased a lot. The natural beauty of the surroundings of Ocna Șugatag, its astonishing views, but mainly the specific climate, the salty waters and theirs effects, benefic for health, are making a well deserved reputation for this tourist resort.

The Ocna Şugatag spa resort

The Ocna Şugatag spa resort is well reknowned and benefic for Maramureş County and not only this region. The spa resort has many good hotels with all the amenities, modern basis for treatment, restaurants and canteens, all sorts of sporting activities can be engaged in sport terrains. There are also clubs, in-door pools and out-door pools, beaches, parks, recreational spaces, shops, all with qualified, polite and considerate staff. The variety of hotels includes also the possibility of lodging on little cottages specific to Maramureş County. This locality, which is dear to all the inhabitants of Maramureş, presents a high level of modern buildings: hotels, villas, vacation houses, apartment buildings, official institutions, private firms, that all are conferring a modern and city/like aspect for this spa resort.
Characteristics of the spa resort:
• mineral waters with calcium, sodium and chlorine;
• two big pools and a small one with cold mineral water for baths and specific therapies;
• electrotherapy facilities;
• aerosol installations;
• two pools for heated mineral waters and three bath tubs for baths in heated mineral water;
• Physiotherapy installations;
• paraffin packaging;
• underwater shower and galvanic baths.
One can reach Ocna Şugatag driving on the National Road DN18, that goes from Baia Mare to Sighetu Marmaţiei, or, by train until the Sighetu Marmaţiei station, from where there are shuttles to Ocna Şugatag.

 Crăiasca Forest

If you follow, on a map, the road that goes from Cavnic to Sighetu Marmatiei, you will see a small, elongated and compact green spot on the left, closely attached to the outline of Ocna Sugatag – well-known for its salty waters. That spot stands for 44 hectares of secular forest in which you can lose yourself when exploring it. Because there, on the border of Ocna Şugatag, there is Crăiasca Forest – a secular forest of oak trees existing since the Independence war (around 1870’s), situated at an altitude of about 500 metres. These are tall trees, of 28-30 meres high and a diameter of 60-80 centimetres. What makes Crăiasca Forest indeed unique is the unusual variety of her trees; there are pediculate oaks, gorun oaks, larches; you even find here some cherry trees, linden trees, hornbeams and maple trees. In Crăiasca Forest, declared seat reservation, one can also find endemic plants for the Carpathian Mountains, as: a flower with yellow and purple petals called ”sister and brother” and also a protected blue flower called „devils’ gun”. Nature’s lovers can also admire here an unusual number of birds and rare species as red-footed falcon, oak woodpecker, larks and many others.
You can also take hikes in the surroundings. There are two trails through Crăiasca Forest, one of them being marked for mountain biking. During these hikes one can observe the wild birds or can simply rest and relax under century old trees.

The natural reservation of Crăiasca Forest was declared a protected area by Law no. 5 of March 6, 2000 published in the Official Gazette of Romania Nr. 152 of April 12, 2000 (regarding the approval of National Development Territorial Plan – Section III – Protected Areas) and spans over an area of 44 hectares (approximately 100 acres).
The natural area is a forested area with a protective role for the oak tree (Qercus petrea) and the larch (Larix decidua), which grows in combination with pediculate oaks species (Quercus robur, about 140 years old), linden trees (Tilia) and hornbeam (Carpinus betulus).